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Creative cover charge:

$320.00 first subject

$100.00 each additional subject

50% of your total cover charge will be applied as an image credit.

Each art image is a flat rate of $640.00.

It is full resolution and comes with a print release to use at your discretion.

Please contact me below to reserve your session online or email me with any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!


This is a fine art or editorial style portrait shoot. Because of the theatrics that go into the planning, executing and post processing work, you will choose from a handful of your best images. Each work is hand retouched before viewing. The aim is to provide you with artwork and heirloom portraits for feature on your walls.

Your journey begins with a questionnaire followed by a phone consultation to begin planning your shoot. The Creative Cover Charge is a nonrefundable commission and due upon confirming your booking date. This fee does not include images but you will receive a 50% credit on this fee towards images. There is no further obligation to buy. I only want you to purchase what you love.


Following the shoot we will conduct a preview of your images and purchases can be made at your convenience for up to 6 months. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Product Info

I offer digital images only at this time. However, I am always available for print questions, resizing, cropping and navigating print websites.


Although I no longer offer prints, I am still of a thought that seeing your artwork in print or on canvas is important. As well as delivered ready to hang.


With that in mind I suggest the links to reputable consumer printers that can offer you most of what I had previously offered product wise with an easy to use interface.


Level Frames for  print and frame ready to hang. Please choose Archival Matte Art Paper as that will have the truest outcome for your art portraits. Please be sure to turn off any color correction.


Canvas HQ has options for flat rolled canvas for future framing or stretched. There are limited frame options available as well. Again opt for the matte finish. Please be sure to turn off any color correction.


mpix is the consumer division of a pro lab. They offer prints, canvases and have some framing options as well. A good all around option. Again I'd recommend an matte paper for best results for the type of images I create.

If you must choose an ultra budget print service please try to find one that offers the ability to turn off auto correction as that will affect the color, lighting and sharpening quite a bit on your image.




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